Care for Pets With Special Needs

We are proud of the level of care and attention we provide to our canine guests and feline guests. And, our pet resort was designed for and includes special features and amenities which are ideal for special needs pets, including the following:

  • 24-hour pet care
  • TLC pet suites for geriatric, fragile or sensitive dogs
  • Free oral and topical medication administration

Although many enhanced services are already included in your pet's suite price, additional fees of $5.00 to $15.00 per pet, per day will apply for dogs who have the following special care needs (either as determined and agreed to in advance, or as discovered by our pet care staff after your pet checks in):

  • Insulin Injections ($5.00 each)
  • Significant incontinence requiring extra outdoor trips or hygiene care - pet not sharing suite with others ($10.00 per day) / pet sharing suite with other pets ($15.00 per day)
  • Paralysis or severely limited mobility ($5.00 per day)
  • Aggression requiring modified handling to keep dog and staff safe and comfortable ($5.00 to $15.00 per day, depending on severity)
  • Special handling during feeding - separating pets sharing suite during feedings, direct monitoring, syringe feeding ($3.00 per meal)
  • Special meal preparation, beyond basic dry or canned with simple add-ins ($3.00 per meal)

Everyone is super friendly and nice and really care about the dogs.

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