Preparing for Boarding

Getting Ready for Your Pet's Resort Stay

Just like children (and their parents!) who are nervous parting ways during that first school day, some pets and their parents, too, can be a bit nervous at drop-off time. We’d like to help your pet acclimate to the experience so, if possible, we suggest that within the two weeks prior to your pet’s stay you stop by with him during business hours “just for fun.” Come in with your pet on an “acclimation visit” as often as you like. We’ll make the experience special by giving him a yummy treat or a nice belly rub, which will help him associate the pet resort with fabulous things. Having already been here, even for a few minutes, will help your pet remember the experience in a positive light – he came here with you, got a snack and some attention, and went back home with you, too – all is well with the world. Socializing your pet and helping him experience new people and places is a great way to help him remain relaxed, comfortable and eager to try new things throughout his life.

Pet Bedding, Toys and Comfort Items

We want your pet to feel comfortable and secure while staying with us, therefore you may supply your pet’s personal bedding (no oversized beds or comforters, please); pet bedding must be labeled with a permanent marker with the guest’s first and last name. When your pet is in unfamiliar surroundings she may chew things she would not ordinarily chew at home. Any bedding item or toy that becomes too damaged or that we believe may pose a hazard to your pet may be removed at the sole discretion of our pet care staff.

You may also supply up to two pet toys or comfort items for her to enjoy. The items must be washable, be suited to your pet’s size, and may not pose an obvious choking hazard. Because dogs can be protective around bones, rawhides, and other treats with a perceived “high value” when other dogs are in the vicinity, they tend to protect them and may attempt to rapidly consume them if they perceive their prize possession could be threatened. Therefore, to avoid the potential for rapid or inappropriate consumption, these items are not allowed.

Pet Meals from Home

We proudly serve a premium Nutro diet for both dogs and cats. And, at no additional charge, we will feed your own dry (if pre-portioned in plastic sealed sandwich bags) or canned pet food instead. We will gladly feed other specialty diets, subject to certain guidelines and limitations, for an extra fee. Pet room service is delivered each morning and during the late afternoon/early evening hours. If your pet is accustomed to a mid-day meal, we will gladly serve her a third meal around noon for an additional $2.50 per day.

The staff really do love animals and it makes me feel secure knowing my dogs are treated the way I treat them.

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