Why We're Different

At Second Home Pet Resort, we designed our boarding facility and resort amenities with our own pets in mind. This pet resort, nearly 10 years in the making, is the culmination of years of careful study and thought. We visited over 70 pet boarding facilities across the United States, combining the very best features and designs into one extraordinary destination resort for your pet.

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Our Service Standards

We personally could not leave our pets in a boarding facility that was not occupied by a pet care staff member 24 hours a day. Having a pet caregiver on site, all day and all night, contributes to added peace of mind and is a "must" at Second Home Pet Resort.

A night attendant is on duty after our guest service attendants go home for the evening, and before our morning pet care staff arrives, to secure our building and grounds for the safety of our dog and cat guests. Our night attendant will quietly make rounds several times during the night attending to any special pet guest needs, administering bedtime medications, and taking care of any late-night pet suite housekeeping needs.

There are some things that we just think should be included in the price of a hotel suite. While we do offer some pet activities and amenities for an additional fee, we've chosen to provide the most important elements of comfort (extra outdoor walks; comfortable pet beds with fluffy bedding; premium meals; and most medication dispensing) at no additional charge.

Don't you love a cool, clean, crisp drink of water? So do dogs and cats. That's why all water served to our pet guests is filtered and purified.

We always recommend that you provide your pet's own food during a resort stay, as a familiar diet will be best for your pet's digestive system. Please bring in your pet's regular dry food, pre-portioned in a plastic bag, or your pet's canned food, and there is no additional charge. However, if you prefer that we feed our house diet instead, we proudly serve a premium Nutro sensitive-stomach diet for both dogs and cats. We will gladly feed other specialty diets, subject to certain guidelines, for an additional fee.

Do you have more than one pet? Boarding a family of multiple pets can be very expensive! Take a close look at the multiple pet rate options for two or more pets from the same household, boarding at the same time and sharing the same pet suite. Our per-pet incremental fees drop dramatically after the first family pet. You no longer need to rely on well-meaning but untrained family members or friends who may be less than reliable, to care for your large animal family. Just because your heart is big and you have many pets doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to give them the finest resort experience. We think you'll be impressed with our affordable multi-pet rates.
Anytime our lobby is open, you are free to come in for a pet resort tour! We're proud of our pet resort and our pet care staff, and we welcome your visit at any time during business hours. No time to come over today? Take a virtual tour!

Dogs that are being boarded simply must, in our opinion, be given regular trips outside to smell the fresh air and "do their business." Of course, our housekeeping staff is ready to clean and refresh all pet guest rooms if a guest can't wait in between trips.

However, dogs who are never taken outside while boarding and are expected to use indoor "elimination rooms" (such as those at other indoor-only boarding facilities in town) can become very confused and uncomfortable. And, if dogs are allowed or encouraged to eliminate inside while being boarded, they tend to lose their house-training skills. This is not a good thing after they go back home! In the interest of your dog's comfort and wellbeing, and your own carpet, we make sure your dog is taken outside FOUR times each day.

We offer a variety of spacious accommodations for your cat, all which are sure to please. Cats are also highly intelligent and need mental stimulation during the day. We make certain that each cat gets to spend time each day on their own in one of our two cat play atriums. Climbing trees, safe play toys and perches are there for exploring and will assure that your kitty has loads of fun during his or her resort stay!
Yes, you may bring your pet's own bedding or favorite toy! Our pets always feel better if they have the "smells from home" with them, and so we are happy to honor such requests for our pet guests. The items must be washable and not pose an obvious choking hazard.
We believe that pets in resort boarding environments need in-suite enrichment activities as well as exercise. Periodically during your pet's stay we provide a treat-stuffed dog or kitty kong or popsicle treat and the introduction of new comfort or activity-based toys that stimulate your pet's curiosity or problem-solving instincts or bring comfort to younger or older pets. This service is included in the price of your pet's suite.

Amazing! They, quite simply, are an amazing team of professionals who treat the animals in their care as if they are their own.

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