Second Home Pet Resort salon and spa guests will enjoy the stress-free experience of either a cage-free environment, if they get along well with other pets, or they will enjoy relaxing in one of our guest pet suites after their groom is complete. Your precious pet won’t have to wait in a cramped, uncomfortable cage before or after receiving salon services.

Pricing for dog and cat grooming services is based on a variety of factors including your pet’s size, breed, the condition of the coat, and your pet’s temperament.

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Basic Bath & Brush Package

Our basic bath and brush package includes a bath, brush, nail trim ear cleaning, anal gland expression.

  • Bath: Every pet gets two complete washes (most grooming salons only bathe once). This ensures that all of the dirt and oil is removed from the coat, as well as leaving a great, lasting fresh scent, without the need for colognes. Every pet will have cotton placed in both ears to prevent water from getting into the ear canal, reducing the risk of ear infections by keeping the ear canals dry. Every pet will have (if needed) his anal glands emptied during the bath.
  • Blow Dry: For dogs that shed, such as huskies, Labrador retrievers, Golden retrievers, Chows, etc., the drying process will break up and remove all of the undercoat. The dryer also removes the loose top coat and decreases shedding. More importantly, the dryer straightens and sets the coat, making the groom last longer than air-drying or cage-drying and also leaves the pet fresh and clean smelling. Finally, the dryer separates the hair, aiding in de-matting and also allows the groomer to evaluate the condition of the pet’s skin, assessing for sores, growths, ticks, and rashes.
  • Nail trimming/filing
  • Ear cleaning/hair removal: A drying cleaning agent will be applied after the bath to ensure the removal of any moisture and debris.
  • Foot/Sanitary/Eye trimming/shaving (if requested): Some pets may need light touches to neaten their looks. This is minimal trimming for hygiene purposes.

Full Service Grooming

Our full service grooming includes everything listed in the Bath and Brush Package plus a full body trim to client’s specifications. 

We will do our best to accommodate our client’s wishes. Communication is key, and we encourage the clients to tell us the type of grooming they want for their pet.

In some instances where a pet requires more time than average, such as for de-matting, handling animals with special behavior challenges, or conducting premium scissor trims, there may be an additional charge, which will be discussed at the time of check in. In some cases of extremely aggressive behavior, additional fees may apply - in that case, the client will be notified and offered all available options. Some premium trim clients may require more frequent appointments to maintain the coat. This is especially true for DOODLES (Poodles, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles) who benefit from a scissor finish.

A La Carte Services 

The following extra services are available separate from pet grooming or bath packages:

  • Nail Trim (with file) - $15
  • Anal Glands - $10
  • Tooth Brushing - $8

Everyone is super friendly and nice and really care about the dogs.

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