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Pet Vaccinations

The safety of our canine guests and feline guests is our first priority; therefore, we require that all pets staying with us be current on the vaccinations listed below.  Pet vaccinations should be administered at least 7 days prior to arrival by a licensed veterinarian - we are unable to accept home-administered pet vaccinations. Written proof of current pet vaccines must be received by Second Home Pet Resort at least 72 hours prior to check-in.


  • Rabies vaccine
  • Distemper and Parvovirus (may be listed as DHLP or DHLPP on your pet’s medical record when administered as a combination vaccine). In lieu of dog vaccinations, we will accept a titer test administered by a licensed veterinarian in the past 60 days stating that your dog has sufficient immunity to these diseases. Or, for older dogs, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.
  • Bordetella, administered within the last 6 months


  • FVRCP vaccine. In lieu of cat vaccination, we will accept a titer test administered by your veterinarian in the past 60 days, demonstrating that your cat has sufficient immunity to these illnesses. Or, for older cats, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.

Pet vaccines must be administered at least 7 days prior to check-in, and proof of pet vaccination should be sent to us via e-mail or fax at least 3 days prior to pet resort check-in.

Medical Information


If your pet takes oral medications, regular oral supplements, or receives occasional and minimal topical skin treatments, we will be glad to administer these medications at no additional charge. All medications must be in their original containers! An extra charge may apply for more complex administration or special circumstances.

Flea and Tick Treatment

For the benefit of all pet resort guests, we want to make sure that our resort remains “pest-free”; therefore, if our staff determines that your dog has signs of ticks or fleas, we will administer a Frontline flea & tick treatment ($15.00 fee) upon arrival. This topical gel is applied through an applicator tube in a small spot on the skin of your dog’s back.

Medical Emergencies

When you check your pet in at our pet resort, we ask that you give us the name and contact information of your personal veterinarian and provide us with your preferences regarding veterinary care for your pet during your absence. If a medical problem occurs with your pet, we will first attempt to contact you and get your pet in to see your own vet, if located within 8 miles of the resort; if unavailable, or if the situation is critical, we will take your pet to a nearby veterinarian or to the nearest emergency clinic. All charges for veterinary care and transportation will be your responsibility – please refer to your Master Client Agreement for further information.

Emergency Contact

While you’re away, please provide us with the phone number where you can be reached if an emergency arises. We will also ask that you provide us with a second and third back-up contact if after reasonable efforts we are unable to reach you. One of these individuals must be a person you trust, who will be in the local area while you are away, and who you will authorize to make decisions for you about your pet if you cannot be reached. Your pet is a member of your family and we honor this relationship – it’s critical that we be able to reach you or your designee quickly, should an emergency arise. If we are unable to reach you or your designee, we will use our best judgment and act in the best interest of your pet, as if your pet were ours.

Amazing! They, quite simply, are an amazing team of professionals who treat the animals in their care as if they are their own.

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