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When holidays come around there are people who like to decorate with a theme or color. Take St. Patrick’s Day, which is a great day to wear green. You can dress your dog in a green sweater, if he likes to wear clothes. However, some people may have taken things too far by dyeing their pet’s fur, and it is causing a lot of uproar.


In a news story posted this past January, a 5-pound Maltese mix named Violet in Florida suffered horrific burns after her hair was dyed, according to the article, “Dog nearly dies from severe burns caused by human hair dye,” at


A Pinellas County animal services team said the dog “was dyed with a purple hair dye that was intended for humans,” according to the article. “As a result, Violet’s eyes were swollen shut, she was limp and listless and she had obvious burns to her skin.” She was given fluids and pain medication. The team “gently washed as much of the chemical dye off as they could before bandaging her up.”


It was not until the team shaved off the dog’s hair that the full extent of the damage was known. The dog’s skin was coming off, and animal services was not sure if she would make it. However, after much hard work, medicine, antibiotics, IV fluids, scab removal and bandage changes “veterinarians say Violet is making a miracle recovery,” the article said, and has since been adopted into a new home.


What happened to Violet is not so out of the ordinary. Apparently dyeing dog fur has become somewhat of a fashion trend, according to the article, “Purple colored dog Fluffy & Manish Arora have outraged the Animal Activists in India I Pet News,” at A model has been walking the catwalk with her dog whose hair is dyed, and the model is catching some flak.


“Sadly social media trends are being blindly followed as the new role model in today’s day and age,” the article said. “Poor dogs are being succumbed to hair dying by the not so discerning pet owners all across the globe.”


In the article, “Dyeing your dog’s hair is a bad idea,” at, here are reasons not to dye your dog’s hair:


  • Hair dyes are for people, not for pets. “There are no hair dyes specifically made for dogs,” the article said. “Officially, there are no completely safe dyes for animals, period, as there have been no studies to show if there are any long terms effects.”
  • The health risks are not worth it as the dye gets all over the dog’s body and can get into eyes, ears, the mouth and can be extremely harmful.
  • “Psychologically, a dog cannot process what has been done because it is an extreme and unnatural process that is out of their control,” the article said.


Dogs, and other pets, are beautiful with their fur as is. Love them just the way they are.




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