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It’s February, and it’s the month of love – Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14. While you show love to your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, children, grandchildren, and your friends, make sure to show love to your pets.

How do you love your pet? Let’s find the ways.

Here are some great way to bring on the love for your dogs:

  1. Walking, hiking and day tripping: Take that extra walk with your dog. Not only will it give you both some exercise to help you keep fit, your dog will love you for the extra dose of getting out to smell the roses, or the other dogs. Go that extra mile and take a hike with your dog. Many dogs love a great car ride. Get in and go! Visit with friends, family or just follow the open road and see where it leads.
  2. Toys galore! When was the last time you took your pooch to pick out a toy from the love your petlocal pet store? What are you waiting for? Get going!
  3. Out with the old. Is your dog’s bed a bit worn around the edges or chewed up a la Fido. It’s never a bad time to check out some new, comfortable bedding.
  4. Snuggle up! Show the love by hanging out on the couch with your favorite movie and your favorite pup. Include popcorn for you and a dog treat for your best friend. Did someone say, “Lady and the Tramp?”
  5. Don’t eat that! Sometimes people confuse love with giving too much food – to animals and people alike! Try not to overdo it and over-love with too much food or the wrong foods, some of which can be very harmful to your pet. If your pet gets into a food that can be harmful or deadly, contact the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. Not to mention overweight pets can lead to various health problems.

Cats oftentimes are seen as mysterious, finicky and not quite as social as dogs. However, every cat is an individual, and many cats are very social and love interaction. Here’s ways to show them love:

  1. kitty loveExploration keeps the mind happy: Since cats love to explore, make sure your kitty has a cardboard box, a paper bag, scratching posts and even a cat condo.
  2. “Cat TV”: Cats often like to look out the window, watch the birds and check out what’s going on in the neighborhood. Ensure this fascination by allowing your cat access to window. Don’t forget to include lots of perches.
  3. The great outdoors: It can be dangerous to let your cats roam freely, but you can create a secure outdoor area for your kitty so he or she can get fresh air and be safe at the same time.

Our pets enrich our lives every day, so there’s no better time to return the favor.

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