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Did You Know Second Home Has TLC Suites for Geriatric and Special Needs Animals?
When boarding your geriatric or special needs pet, you want to be sure your pet is in the right hands. At Second Home Pet Resort, we help put you at ease. Boarding at Second Home means you have options for your pet. No matter if he is older or has challenges, you’ve come to the right place.

Second Home has your special needs pet covered. We offer the TLC Suites, which are the perfect place for your older pet. The suites were specially designed with older pets in mind as well as sensitive pets, and pets with special needs.

The suites are in our TLC pavilion, which has only five suites. These suites can accommodate a maximum of two dogs per suite based on a dog’s size. Each suite is 4 ½ feet by 8 ½ feet in size, and they are situated away from the larger suite pavilions.

Additionally, the TLC area is directly off of the main staff corridor and has a full-width viewing window. This allows our staff members easy viewing to frequently check on your pet throughout the day without them even knowing.

Each TLC Suite includes a comfortable bed for each pet in the suite as well as a soft fleece cover to keep your pet warm.

In addition to the TLC suites, Second Home goes above and beyond for canine and feline guests with special needs, including 24-hour pet care and free oral and topical medication administration.

We offer special care services for additional fees. Services include insulin injections, incontinence issues, paralysis, severely limited mobility, modified handling for aggression, special handling during feeding, and special meal preparation.

Call the front desk at (602) 997-6600 for our fees.

The Importance of Second Home Vaccine Requirements for Pets
At Second Home Pet Resort not only are we passionate about pets, we are also passionate about their happiness, their health, and their safety. While we are a one-of-a-kind all-suite resort, in order to make sure your pet is safe, we have some requirements before your pet can be our guest. And it’s all about the safety of all the canine and feline guests.

The following vaccines are required for dogs:

• Rabies vaccine
• Distemper and Parvovirus (your pet’s medical record may list this as DHLP or DHLPP). Instead of vaccinations, we will accept a titer test administered by a licensed veterinarian in the past 60 days stating that your dog has sufficient immunity to these diseases. Or, for older dogs, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.
• Bordetella, administered within the past 6 months

The following vaccine is required for cats:

• FVRCP vaccine. We will, however, accept a titer test administered by your veterinarian in the past 60 days, demonstrating that your cat has sufficient immunity to these illnesses. Or, for older cats, you may submit a letter from your veterinarian stating that your pet is in compliance with his or her vaccine protocols.

Pet vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian at least seven days prior to check-in, and proof of pet vaccination should be sent to us via e-mail or fax at least three days prior to pet resort check-in.

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