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Spring Means Allergy Season; How To Help Your Pets
Spring Is a Great Way to Bring On the Outdoor Fun with Your Dog
Do You Own Your Pet or Does Your Pet Own You?

Spring Means Allergy Season; How To Help Your Pets
As spring approaches so does allergy season. It’s not just for people; our pets can be affected, too. It’s no fun for our furry family members. So, what can we do to help them?

Although our pets can have allergies throughout the year, springtime seems to be worse with “outdoor triggers,” according to the article, “Can Dogs Have Spring Allergies?” at Those can include “weeds, trees, and grass pollens.”

For dogs, evidence of allergies is in itchy skin as well as ear and skin infections, which are unpleasant. Dogs typically itch in their paws, face and ears. “Because allergic disease in dogs so commonly presents in the skin, veterinary dermatologists are sometimes tasked with addressing atopy,” the article said, which is an allergic skin reaction.

Before managing the allergies, your veterinarian has to confirm the diagnosis of atopy. Treatment can include allergy shots or medications.

The primary types of allergies are food allergies and environmental allergies. For dogs and cats, “allergies more often take the form of skin irritation or inflammation – a condition called allergic dermatitis,” according to the article, “If Your Dog is Itchy or Your Cat is Wheezy, You Need to Read This” at Healthy Pets.

These types of allergies can include excessive scratching and chewing at the site among other things to relieve the itchiness. Many dogs will also get itchy ear canals that become inflamed. “Signs your pet’s ears are giving him problems include scratching at the ears, head shaking, and hair loss around the ears,” the article said. “If infection is present there will often be odor and a discharge from the ears.”

In order to ensure your pet doesn’t suffer from all the itchiness and being uncomfortable, it’s best to make an appointment with your vet to get started on treatment.

Spring Is a Great Way to Bring On the Outdoor Fun with Your Dog
Spring is in the air and what a great time to get outdoors with your dog for some fun activities. It’s not too cold and it’s not too hot. It’s usually just right.

Start with some fun activities right in your own backyard.

Just letting your dog out the back door is not enough though. Sure, he’s outside and enjoying the sun, but there has to be more, including some mental and physical stimulation. “Not only is playing outside fun, but it will likely lead to better behavior when inside the house,” according to the article, “5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog in the Backyard,” at

The article said there are many things to do, including:

• Play fetch. From the old-fashioned game to using automatic launchers, this game is always in style.
• Dog agility.
• Scent work, which uses your dog’s sense of smell to sniff out things.
• Water games using a sprinkler or even a bucket.
• Hide and seek.

Leave your own backyard and get more inventive with your dog, too. According to the article, “Reinventing Playtime: 20 Fun Activities to Do With Your Dog,” at, there are lots of new experiences you can give your dog. “Varying the activity helps keep pets mentally and physically satiated and easier to settle at home,” the article said.

The Vetstreet article suggests:

• Play dates. If you have a very social dog who likes other dogs, head for the dog park.
• Get out on the town and head over to places such as dog-friendly stores and outdoor dining spots.
• Exercise. If your dog loves to run, get out and either walk or run (talk to your vet first).

Fun comes in many forms, and when you’re with your furry best friend, you’ll take fun to the next level.

Do You Own Your Pet or Does Your Pet Own You?
People often joke about their pet and who’s the boss and who calls all the shots. How do you determine if you own your pet or the other way around?

According to the article, “7 Signs Your Dog Owns You,” at, “Your dog owns you. You might be laughing now, but think about it — you’ve surrendered the best seat on the sofa to him, you plan your entire weekend around his trips to the dog park, and you take him to the groomer more often than you get your own hair cut.”

You may have an Instagram account for your cat, a Facebook page devoted to your bunny, or you may have an entire website just for your dog. So, who’s in charge here?

The Vetstreet article talks about all the ways dogs rule:

• Your pretty pooch has a better wardrobe than you.
• Forget the remote, as your dog has the rights to what to watch on TV.
• Your pet takes your side of the bed.
• You pet has more toys than your children do!

There are many households where the resident pet is in charge. Sometimes, that is telling in just a simple bark. “…I realize there’s no way to get around a bark unless you give them what they want,” according to the article, “10 Ways Your Pet Owns You… And You’re Totally Okay With It” at Elite Daily.

You may even give your pet leftovers from your own dinner. And who gets up at 3 a.m. unless it’s for their pet who has to go outside to go potty? If you suspect your pet doesn’t feel well, it’s off to the vet.

Some people may not agree with having a pet that owns them, but every situation and person and pet is different.

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