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Declawing Cats and Why It’s Not Ideal for Them
Treat Enrichments and Fun Games to Keep Your Pets Mentally Stimulated
The Importance of Grooming Your Pet Regularly and Trimming Their Nails

There’s some controversy around the declawing of cats. Some think it’s OK for indoor cats. Some believe a cat may scratch a person or their child or ruin clothes or furniture. However, declawing a cat is cruel and unnecessary. According to the article, “Is Declawing Cats Bad?” at, a cat’s claws are important. Not only are a cat’s claws for defense, they help a cat “to establish footing for walking, running, springing, climbing, or stretching,” the article said. A cat also needs to scratch as “it pulls off the old outer nail sheath and exposes sharp, smooth claws,” the article said, while it enables the cat’s need to mark territory. When declawing a cat, there is a standard operation whereby the claw is removed as well as the “last bone of the toe.” The procedure is typically done on a cat’s front feet, and according to the article, it is “comparable to the removal of the fingers of the human hand at the last knuckle” and there is a lot of pain involved. According to the article, “Declawing: The Medical Facts” at PetHealthNetwork, after healing, there are some things to watch. While the following may not happen to every cat, the effects are something to be aware of, including: • Back and joint problems • Severe pain after surgery • Problems with the litter box whereby a cat may have trouble walking on litter • Personality differences • Declawed cats should never go outdoors There are things you can do as alternatives to declawing, according to the article, including: • Get your cat a scratching post. • Keep your cat’s nails trimmed. Before you decide, do your research. For those wanting a declawed cat, you can go to your local shelter and adopt a cat who is already declawed. When the weather gets warm and the temperature heats up, it’s not always the best idea to take your pets outside. There are things you can do inside to mentally stimulate them. Fun games and treats can keep your pet happy and prevent boredom. According to the article, “Easy enrichment ideas for pets” at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), get your pet ready for fun with a scavenger hunt. “Hide some treats in sneaky spots around the house and let your dog use their strong sense of smell to find them,” the article said. Other things you can do with your pet, according to the HSUS article, include: • Rotate toys. Help make it more exciting and “refresh their collection by choosing three or four ‘new’ toys and put the rest away,” the article said. • Solve puzzles and keep your pet’s mind busy. • Training. It builds skill and you get to bond together. • Play games, such as fetch, tug-of-war, and hide-and-seek. Step outside the box and do something out of the ordinary. Try an obstacle course, get a box and build a fort for your cat, and more. There are other “fun and engaging activities that will allow your dog to explore their own home,” according to the article, “Dog Enrichment” at Animal Friends. According to Animal Friends, you can try the following: • Blow bubbles. Check out Pet Qwerks Incredibubbles for Dogs, which are great for everyone in the family and are non-toxic. • Take a paper towel tube and use it as a puzzle feeder. “Cut random holes in the tube, add some treats to the tube, and press in the ends to close,” the Animal Friends’ article said. There are so many games and ways to be creative to help spark your pet’s mind. Have fun together! We love our pets, and one of the best ways to show it is by ensuring they are groomed regularly. Grooming is not simply so your pet looks great, it’s also important for their overall health. “Grooming is an integral part of your dog’s health and well-being and even a short-coated dog can suffer from a lack of grooming,” according to the article, “5 Reasons Grooming Is Vital To Your Dog’s Health” at iHeartDogs. You may want to groom your dog yourself or take your dog to the groomer. Just get it done. “The amount of grooming your pooch will need will depend on their coat type, but adequate grooming is important for all dogs,” the article said. According to the iHeartDogs article, some of the top reasons to groom your dog include: • Grooming helps prevent fleas and ticks. Bathing will help you spot them so you can get rid of them. • A good grooming helps alleviate discomfort. Brushing your dog can be like a massage and helps stop matting on those dogs with a longer coat. Don’t forget you’re also removing dirt. • Trimming nails. Long nails are uncomfortable and unhealthy. • A good groom helps keep ear infections at bay. • Grooming helps you spot anything out of the ordinary on your dog. If you decide to get your dog groomed professionally, ask friends and veterinarians for references. A professional will know what to do whereas you may not have the tools or experience. “Grooming your pets isn’t just for show; it’s a responsibility all owners should take seriously to keep their pets healthy, clean, and protected from what could be a very hairy situation,” according to the article, “Hair Comes Trouble: Why Pets Need Regular Grooming,” at the ASPCA.

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