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Second Home Has the Outdoor Space Your Dog Needs

TLC suites – special needs pets and why we love having them

There are so many great things about Second Home Pet Resort. Not only is it Arizona’s only all-suite mountain resort for pets, but we are also one of the few places around with more than an acre of yard space for your dog to stretch their legs and get out there to exercise.

While your dog is at our resort and in our care, they receive four potty breaks daily in an acre of yard space. Dogs spend time in our exercise yards where they can run and play to their heart’s delight. There’s no need to worry, because Second Home has 7-foot-high walls around the resort that keep even the largest of dogs safely enclosed. And, not to worry as someone is always watching over your dog during potty breaks and playtime.

The safety of your pets is of the utmost importance to the entire team at Second Home. While there, we treat your pets just like family. Not only are they safe in our play yards, but they are also equally as safe inside the resort. Inside the pet resort, we have several layers of interior doors, which assures that our boarding facility is even more secure than most private homes.

Your pets are in good hands here, and we take precautions to ensure they are safe at all times.

TLC suites – special needs pets and why we love having them

At Second Home Pet Resort we love our special needs pets, and we care for them just like we do any other pet. We are very proud of the level of care for all our pets, canine and feline, and that includes our special needs guests.

Our pet resort was designed to be able to care for special needs pets and includes special features and amenities that make it perfect for them. They include:

• 24-hour pet care
• TLC pet suites for geriatric, fragile, or sensitive dogs
• Free oral and topical medication administration

Our TLC Suite is designed especially for older pets, sensitive pets, or pets with special needs. Located in our TLC pavilion, there are only five suites, each measuring 4 ½’ x 8 ½’ in size. The suites are located away from the larger suite pavilions and a maximum of two dogs per suite, based on size, are allowed.

Not to worry, as your pet is under supervision because the TLC room is located directly off the main staff corridor with a full width viewing window. Staff members can check on your pet frequently throughout the day without your pet even knowing. All of our TLC suites include a comfortable bed along with a fleece cover for each pet in the suite.

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