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New Year, New Dog: Put Your Dog First in The New Year
What to Know About Adopting a Pet Rabbit
Cat’s Out of the Bag: What’s up with cats and paper bags?

New Year, New Dog: Put Your Dog First in The New Year
Last year went so fast, and now it’s another new year. Resolutions aside, there are always great things you and your dog can do in 2022.

Going to the vet and groomer and trying to shed some pounds are all good ideas. There are other great ways to keep your dog happy and healthy. “There are a lot of little things you can do — that (thankfully) don’t require a ton of extra work,” according to the article, “10 Ways to Add More Joy to Your Dog’s Life” at

The following tips from the article may help you and your dog get excited:

• Try out a new place for daily walks. Instead of the same routine, check out a new area. That can be a new neighborhood, hiking trail, or drive in the car to a new place.
• Let your dog lead. “Let them choose the route, the pace and what is worthy of extensive sniffing,” according to the article.
• Let them play! It makes dogs very happy.
• Learn and understand your dog better. “The more you understand dogs, the easier it is to avoid misreading them and to successfully communicate with them,” the article said.
• Let your dog be who he is and love him for that.

There are other things you can do to “help strengthen your bond but also provide physical and mental stimulation for pups, which promotes overall good health,” according to the article, “21 fun things to do with your dog,” at

Ideas include taking an agility or obedience training class, playing in leaves or snow, taking a trip and staying at a pet-friendly hotel, taking your dog to work, or watching a movie.

Take the time and do new fun things with your dog. You’ll both be better and happier for it.

What to Know About Adopting a Pet Rabbit
Some people adopt dogs while some adopt cats. But did you know that there are many rabbit lovers out there who want to adopt one to bring home?

Rabbits are a popular pet, wonderful companions, and come in many colors, sizes and shapes. They don’t need a lot of space, are typically quiet, and they don’t need to go outside, according to the article, “What You Need to Know Before You Adopt a Rabbit” at

However, rabbits do require proper care, lots of love, and are a responsibility. “With proper diet and medical care, rabbits can live eight-12 years or more—which is longer than many other small animal pets,’ according to the article.

If you’re thinking of adopting a rabbit, please keep the following in mind:

• Rabbits do best indoors where they live longer and healthier lives.
• Exercise is important. Let rabbits out of their cage to run around while under supervision (they are chewers!). It’s great for their health.
• Each rabbit has her own personality.
• Socialize your rabbit.
• A high fiber diet is essential for rabbit health. Remember rabbits are herbivores.
• They groom themselves often but need nail trims.
• Ensure your rabbit has unlimited hay to chew and safe rabbit toys as their teeth grow continuously.
• Schedule yearly vet visits for preventive care.

Learn how to care for your rabbit and do your homework and research before adopting. Search your area for local rabbit shelters, according to the article, “Rabbit Adoption: Everything to Know About Adopting a Rabbit” at

After you decide on the rabbit to adopt, make sure to provide the proper hay, a hay feeder, pellets as well as fresh vegetables, the article said. Also, be sure to provide a roomy cage or playpen, bedding and appropriate litter as well as toys.

Cat’s Out of the Bag: What’s up with cats and paper bags?
We love our cats. There’s nothing cuter even when they’re finicky or just doing strange cat things. Some cats just love a good cardboard box, but there’s others who especially enjoy a nice paper bag. But why?

“It turns out liking boxes and bags above anything else isn’t your cat rebelling, but instead is a preference wired within your cat’s brain as it adapted to new environments,” according to the article, “Why Do Cats Like Boxes and Bags?” at National Kitty. The article offers the following reasons:

1. There is comfort in closed spaces such as boxes and paper bags, which help reduce stress.
2. “Boxes and bags help ease anxiety for cats, therefore cats are drawn to them,” the article said.
3. A good paper bag (or box) is perfect for a nap and a place to get warm. “Boxes and some bags are able to function as makeshift incubators, keeping our cats warm in houses that are probably too cold for them,” the article said.
4. Cats also enjoy playing with paper bags because the “crinkle sound” is mentally stimulating for them.

If your cat enjoys bags, stick to paper because plastic can be very dangerous. So, throw out plastic bags or keep them out of reach. Keep paper bags safe for cats by removing handles.

Cats like paper bags for other reasons as well. For bags that previously held groceries, “This means that it retains the smell of food, which will definitely heighten a cat’s curiosity,” according to the article, “Why Do Cats Lay On Paper?” at Senior Cat Wellness.

There’s also the attention factor. “Cats like to choose when you acknowledge their company,” the Senior Cat Wellness article said. “If you miss other cues, your cat may start lying on something valuable to you.”

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