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Baths at Second Home Include the Works for Your Pet
There’s nothing like a bath and soaking in the tub and relaxing. As humans, many of us love the comfort of a nice warm bath. But what about your dog? While all dogs are not created equal and some love a bath while others may shy away, Second Home Pet Resort has a wonderful Basic Bath & Brush Package for any discriminating dog.

At Second Home, we know the importance of good grooming, and that includes an all-important bath. Many dogs are active, love to play, some love to swim, and some love to get rough and play in the dirt. Sure, other dogs love to sleep and lounge around. But all dogs get dirty, and every dog needs a bath.

The Basic Bath & Brush Package at Second Home includes:

• Bath. The bath includes two complete washes, ensuring all dirt and oil is removed from your dog’s coat. Plus, your dog will be left with a great, lasting fresh scent (without cologne). Cotton will be placed in both your dog’s ears to help reduce the chance of ear infections. Also, if needed, your pet will have his anal glands emptied during the bath.
• Blow Dry: For dogs who shed, the blow dry process breaks up and removes your dog’s undercoat. It also removes the loose topcoat, which helps to decrease the shedding.
• Nails: Trimming and filing your dog’s nails.
• Ear cleaning/hair removal: We will use a drying cleaning agent after the bath to ensure the removal of any moisture and debris.
• Foot/Sanitary/Eye trimming/shaving (if requested): Your pet may need light touches to neaten his looks. This is minimal trimming for hygiene purposes.

Schedule your pet’s next Basic Bath & Brush Package. Your dog will feel better, and you will too knowing that your pet is cleaner and smells good.

Second Home Recommends Boarding Baths Before Your Pet Goes Home
After a wonderful boarding stay at Second Home Pet Resort, your pet is ready to see you. But before your pet heads back home, we want to be sure your pet looks her best, so we recommend a boarding bath.

Whether your pet’s stay was for a day, a couple days, or a week or more, your pet was likely part of lots of exercise, fun in our yards where there’s dirt and woodchips, maybe some swimming, and they can get “different” smells from being in a different environment with other dogs. Because of all the activities, your pet likely got somewhat dirty. Or maybe a lot dirty.

So, instead of your pet heading out the door to go home with a dirty coat, we suggest a boarding bath. We would hate for your pet to be sent home in anything but tip-top shape. After a stay at Second Home and all the activities and fun, a boarding bath will get your pet all cleaned up so she is ready to see you.

It’s nice to know that you are bringing home a clean dog, and you won’t have to worry about scheduling a separate grooming appointment. Just get it all done at once!

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