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Have you ever seen cats roaming your neighborhood? They may not be a owned kitty, it could possibly be a feral cat searching for food.

Feral cats are born in the wild and have experienced little to no human interaction.  Although some will eventually accept the touch of a human who is VERY familiar to them after repeated exposure, most feral cats will choose to avoid humans altogether.

In order to control the size of feral cat colonies, the gold standard of animal management is “TNR”, which stands for “Trap-Neuter-Return”.  Once humanely trapped, feral cats are sterilized and then returned to the exact location where they were originally trapped. Cats are then fed and, by utilizing the TNR approach, their presence tends to keep new cats from entering the area.  Over time as the sterilized cats age, the colony is reduced in size and the population is humanely controlled.

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