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The Benefits of Food Puzzles for Pets
Great Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets
How to Keep Your Cat Safe from Holiday Decorations

The Benefits of Food Puzzles for Pets
Food puzzles can be great ways to help dogs and cats have something to do when it comes to eating along with other great benefits.

Domesticated dogs and cats are like their wild counterparts in that they have a “need to forage for their food,” according to the article, “Food Puzzles for Pets,” at Best Friends. “Just like people, non-human animals need to have tasks that involve both mental and physical engagement in order to feel fulfilled, confident and happy.”

Food puzzles or foraging toys are an easy way to provide your pet with a job that helps with their physical and mental health. “Food puzzles are also great for pets who wolf down their meals because the animal must eat more slowly and, therefore, can savor the food a bit more,” the article said.

According to the article:

• Because animals aren’t born with foraging skills, you can guide and teach them.
• All animals are different and learn at varying speeds.
• Food puzzles are different just like your pet. Find the one your pet likes best.

There are a variety of reasons to buy a food puzzle for your dog because “they provide a wealth of benefits for both you and your pup,” according to the article, “Choosing the Best Interactive Toys and Food Puzzles For Your Dog” at Preventive Vet.

Some benefits include:

• Certain types are great for teething puppies.
• Some puzzles are perfect for fast eaters. Slowing your dog down can help prevent GDVBloat.
• Great for picky eaters who have a desire to hunt for food.
• You get a break because your dog is occupied.

Toy puzzles are also great for humans. You will get a chance to help your dog learn the puzzle and watch him enjoy hunting and foraging for his food.

Great Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets
December means it’s holiday season. Who doesn’t love the magic in the air, the twinkling of the holiday lights and beautiful decorations, and a great dog or cat sweater? Celebrating means family, and that means your pets, too.

There are so many great ways to celebrate with your pets to get everyone in the spirit.

According to the article, “Why Cats and Dogs Are Excited for Christmas,” at, our pets might just know it’s the holidays for the following reasons:

• Snow! Depending where you live or if you’re traveling to colder weather areas, certain dog breeds will love a chance to romp in the snow.
• Shipments of gifts mean boxes everywhere, making your cat very happy.
• The holidays mean more attention for your beloved pets.
• Gifts: Everyone loves them, even your pets.
• Family quality time, which makes the holiday extra special for pets.

There can be a lot of added stress during the holidays. “That’s why planning ahead with a few dog-friendly activities can be good for both you and your dog,” according to the article, “10 Ways To Celebrate Christmas With Your Fur Babies,” at

Check out some of these fun ideas for you and your pet:

• Take your dog along for a car ride to check out the beautiful holiday lights in the neighborhood.
• Bake pet-friendly holiday treats.
• Place a holiday-themed bow on your pet’s collar.
• Get the entire family together for a holiday photo shoot.

Always include your pet in the festivities. Remember to keep your pet away from electrical cords, foods that can be harmful, and too much noise. If your pet gets stressed, be sure your pet has a quiet place to take it easy and get away from the noise. Keep everyone happy and stress free during this time of year.

How to Keep Your Cat Safe from Holiday Decorations
Holiday time means decorations and lights. Many cats love to get into things, such as Christmas trees and tinsel. The last thing you want is for your cat to have an accident due to a safety hazard.

The most obvious potential hazard is the Christmas tree. Cats seems to love to get into them and sometimes like to mark them. According to the article, “How to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree (Or At Least Try To)” at Pet Central, “You can’t change your cat’s instincts, but you can put safety measures in place to ensure their love affair with the Fir by the fireplace doesn’t end in tragedy.”

Here are some tips suggested in the article:

• Anchor the tree so it can’t fall over.
• Avoid glass and anything sharp, such as certain ornaments.
• Cover electrical cords.
• If your tree needs water, cover the base.
• Keep tinsel and ribbon out of reach as they can cause issues if swallowed.

There are other great ways to pet-proof your home during the holidays. According to the article, “8 Holiday Pet-Proofing Tips” at, “You also need to assess and prioritize the risks your household presents, identify your pets’ risk-taking tendencies and work to strategically minimize the most dangerous risks to individual pets.”

The Vetstreet article offers some tips of do’s and don’ts:

• Elevate the holiday tree by placing it in a tall pot or high on a pedestal.
• Make decorations inaccessible.
• Stay away from dangerous items such as real mistletoe: It’s “reportedly toxic.”
• Use silver duct tape instead of ribbon.

The holidays can be just as fun if you keep away the dangerous and toxic items so that your cat is safe. There’s nothing worse than having an accident, especially during the holidays. You and your cat can then have a stress-free holiday season.

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