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When Kids Head Back to School, Keep Pets Happy
How to Celebrate Your Dog on National Dog Day
Best Ways to Travel with Your Pet

When Kids Head Back to School, Keep Pets Happy

The summer months were fun for pets who got to hang out with the kids day in and day out. So, how do you keep your pets happy and active when they’re home alone?

Your dog or cat might get depressed or anxious when left alone. Dogs can be more at-risk for separation anxiety when the kids head back to school, according to the article, “Pet Home Alone: Back to School’s Effect on Your Pet,” at They may dig, scratch, howl, or have a change in their mood. Your cat may experience trembling, hiding, or withdrawing, the article said.

“You can help your pets avoid separation anxiety by easing them into the new schedule,” the article said. It’s important not to make a big deal when the kids leave for school. Stay calm. Try using treats or toys to distract your pets.

“Once the family is back together in the evenings, be sure to shower attention on your pets to reassure them that they’re not forgotten,” the article said.

According to the article, “10 back to school tips for your dog” at Dog’s Best Life, you can try new things including a new schedule to keep your dog on track. Try the following:

  • “Set new bedtimes and change the morning feeding routine,” the Dog’s Best Life article said.
  • Try a vigorous morning exercise regimen.
  • Make the departure drama free.
  • Bring your dog if you walk or drive the kids to school.
  • Set up a play date with friends with dogs.
  • Take your dog on a trip to the park.

The more you help your dog prepare for the kids to be back to school, the better off for everyone.

How to Celebrate Your Dog on National Dog Day

National Dog Day is Aug. 26. There are so many ways to celebrate this special day for that four-legged friend who makes your world brighter. It’s no wonder there’s a special day for dogs. So, make sure you celebrate your dog in high style.

There are many ways to honor your dog on National Dog Day. According to the article, “11 ways to celebrate National Dog Day” at Best Friends, here’s how to show them some love:

  • Bake up some homemade treats.
  • Get outside in the great outdoors with your dog.
  • Take dog training classes. “Agility classes are a great option to keep your dog active and mentally sharp,” the article said.
  • How about a doggy spa day?
  • Schedule a doggy play date.
  • Splurge for a new ID tag and collar.
  • Make sure to have your dog microchipped and ensure all information is updated.
  • Book a doggy photo shoot.
  • Foster or volunteer with dogs.

Three are other things you can do for National Dog Day. According to the article, “Happy Dog Day! 55+ Ways to Celebrate National Dog Day With Your Four-Legged Bestie” at, while every day is great to celebrate your dog, go the extra mile on National Dog Day.

Start by donating to a dog shelter or charity. “You can do a straightforward donation by writing a check or you can buy pet products that give back to rescue animals in need,” the article said. Another way is to adopt a dog. Check out your local shelters and rescues to find the perfect dog for your family. You can also watch a dog-friendly movie with your dog.

Whatever you do with and for your dog for National Dog Day will show your dog how much you care, and he’ll love you for it.

Best Ways to Travel with Your Pet

When traveling by car with your pet, safety is of the utmost importance. But more than anything, you have to be prepared.

“By planning ahead, you can make sure your journey is safe and comfortable for you and your dog,” according to the article, “Car Travel With Pets: 10 Tips for Safety and Security” at Fetch by WebMD.

The article offers important tips to travel safely with your pet. They include the following:

  • Your pet should be restrained during the ride. “The safest way for your pet to travel is in a carrier that has been strapped to the seat with a seatbelt or other anchor,” the article said.
  • Take short trips with your pet before the trip so he gets accustomed to riding in the car.
  • Do not leave your pet alone in a parked car.
  • Include a travel kit for your pet.
  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and wearing a collar and ID tags.
  • Carry your pet’s important documents.
  • Bring water.

According to the article, “Travel safely with your pet by car, airplane, ship or train” at The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), when you travel with your cats, a carrier is essential. “It’s important to restrain these carriers in the car so that they don’t bounce around and hurt your cat,” the HSUS article said. “Do this by securing a seat belt around the front of the carrier.”

Always make sure your pet is in the back seat where it’s safer. An airbag that deploys while a pet is in the passenger seat can be dangerous, even if your pet is in a crate.

Make stops along the way for exercise and potty breaks. “But never permit your pet to leave the car without a collar, ID tag and leash,” the HSUS article said.

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