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Keep Pets Indoors Year Round for Health and Safety

Your pet is like family, and you want to ensure that he is safe at all times. With so much information out there, are pets best inside or out? Although there are many people who leave their pets outdoors 24/7, there are many reasons why keeping them indoors is safer.

When it comes to weather, especially with Arizona’s triple-digit temperatures, outdoor pets can suffer from severe dehydration and even death. When temperatures dip to low single digits, pets can be in danger of freezing to death. Even during milder weather, there are countless reasons why outdoor pets are more susceptible to danger.

For Cats

According to the article, “Does Your Pet Belong Indoors or Outdoors?” at, when it comes to cats, many “people believe that cats are natural outdoor pets and will be happier outside, but according to the Humane Society of the United States, cats will stay healthier as indoor pets.” The article points to the following about outdoor cats:

  • Lifespan for outdoor cats is approximately 2 years as opposed to 10 years for indoor cats.
  • Disease is more prevalent in outdoor cats.
  • “Studies have found that about 13 percent of a coyote’s diet consists of cats,” the article said.
  • For those who want their cats to get fresh air, an outdoor pet enclosure with a closed roof is a great idea. Or get a harness. “Cats can be trained to go for walks outside on a leash and harness.”

For Dogs

When it comes to canines, remember that dogs are happier with their pack, and they love attention and hate to be alone, according to the article. “And instead of exercising, dogs that are left outside spend most of their time waiting for you.”

The article points to the following dangers for outdoor dogs:

They can escape from a backyard putting them in grave danger, including getting hit by a car, getting poisoned or fighting with other animals.

  • Health problems can occur from heat or cold exposure.
  • “Because outdoor dogs are less socialized, they are more likely to be given to shelters,” the article said. “In addition, outdoor dogs are more likely to be put down.”
  • They can suffer a range of behavioral issues from barking to aggression. “This makes them harder to train and easier to give up.”

To ensure indoor dogs get exercise, make sure to go on plenty of walks and engage in playtime. “If you leave your dog outside for short periods, make sure to provide a safe, escape-proof shelter, shade, and fresh water,” the article said. “Never chain your dog.”

According to the article, “Why ‘Outdoor Dogs’ Are Miserable,” at, “For those who love pets, a pristine home is nothing compared to the pleasures of living with an animal who’s really bonded to you.”

If your plan is to bring home a furry family member, remember that pet wants to be a part of the family. The best way is to keep him safe in the home.


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